Clear Creek Friends of Windpower

The Miracles of Clear Creek

"Wind Turbine Communities Connecting"







Headline:Property prices double in Clear Creek.  Thank you, Oh Lady of the Creek!

 Said the good gal from Clear Creek,

To her man," Let's be discreet!"

They rode up the turbine,

Where they rutted like swine,

And when they came down they were beat.  

"The Madonna of Clear Creek"


Serene, peaceful-

worthy of a pilgrimageShe has seen it all. When will the the new pope pay her a visit?


   Bulletin. During the 1st week of March,  a sign was stolen. Ducky knows who did it, but she is playing coy at the moment, and won't make a statement. She was riding a turbine blade again and is feeling a bit high.

Disclaimer: The information on these pages accurately reflects the opinions of the individuals cited. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty. No responsibility is assumed by Ducky or anyone else for these pages.

This is Ducky, our trusty avatar. Ducky sits on top of a turbine, and watches the world around her with her beautiful bright eyes.

She dislikes nonsense and hocus pocus and wants to set things right as viewed from her perch. Her green head symbolizes her views on wind power. She has helped build this site for you.

   "Please, no duck hunting around the wind turbines," pleads Ducky.








Ahhhhh "The Madonna of Clear Creek"

Serene, peaceful, inscrutable