Clear Creek Friends of Windpower

The Miracles of Clear Creek

"Wind Turbine Communities Connecting"








Norfolk Friends of Green Energy


"We love our wind turbines. They are a part of our existential adventure. We all know that it is better to exist than not to exist." from musings by Bob, the Clear Creek sage.

Come to Clear Creek. Tap into the Power.




Wind turbines are friendly creatures. They reach into the sky, like the cathedrals of old, churning out electricity for our daily needs. What is more useful than electricity?  It has liberated man from the drudgery of daily toil, creating whole new tribes and cultures and enabling them to do nothing but sit in front of their televisions, consume and complain.

"When those windmills turn in the sunlight they create new patterns of art. They are so approachable and talk to me, and if I were tall enough, I would shake their vanes." musings of Bob, the Clear Creek sage.

Norfolk Friends of Wind Power believe in harvesting the wind.

  • ensuring energy for tomorrow
  • helping to sustain rural communities
  • supporting a greener world

Serene, majestic, peaceful: production of electricity

Below: Four large educational panels erected by Norfolk County near the Sand Hills at their wind farm interpretation centre. Norfolk council loved the opportunity to install turbines with its inherent gain in taxes and community building opportunities.



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Question posted by Bob McDonald, host of the CBC science radio program Quirks & Quarks.

"When does going clean and green look bad?

When itís in your back yard."


Ahhhhh "The Madonna of Clear Creek"

Serene, peaceful, inscrutable